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Test Series

Reading Comprehension

Direction : Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions-
There is no field of human endeavour that has been so misunderstood as health. While health which connotes well-being and absence of illness has a low profile, it is illness representing the failure of health which virtually monopolizes attention because of the fear of pain, disability and death.
Till recently, patients had implicit faith in their physician whom they loved and respected, not only for his knowledge but also in the total belief that practitioners of this noble profession, guided by ethics, always placed the patient’s interest above all other considerations. This rich interpersonal relationship between the physician, patient and family has, barring a few exceptions, prevailed till the recent past, for caring was considered as important as curing. Our indigenous system of medicine like Ayurveda and Yoga have been more concerned with the promotion of the health of both the body and mind and with maintaining a harmonious relationship not just with fellow-beings but with nature itself, of which man is an integral part.

प्रश्न 1   Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word ‘concerned’ as used in the passage.
 (अ) pertained
 (ब) solicitous
 (स) anxious
 (द) indifferent

प्रश्न 2   Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning to the word ‘connotes’ used in the passage.
 (अ) unfollows
 (ब) liberates
 (स) except
 (द) implies

प्रश्न 3   In India traditionally the doctors were being guided mainly by which of the following?
 (अ) Western concept of life
 (ब) Professional ethics
 (स) Power over patient
 (द) High technology

Direction : Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow-
Despite the frustrating years of dragging children out of bed and persuading them to go to school young children have an internal drive to learn about their world, and become industrious and productive individuals. Their educational eagerness and curiosity can either be stifled or encouraged by parents, teachers and other adults. Aware parents can encourage their children's development of important life skills. Besides teaching them to read and write, school and home environments teach children cooperation and interdependence. Children also engage in important play rituals (like playing with dolls or cops and robbers) which prepare them for adolescence and adulthood. Supportive parents can promote crucial learning of life skills. Above all, school-age children struggle with feeling of inferiority and incompetence when they compare themselves with their peers. If they don't fit in, they might feel insignificant. Loving and accepting parents help these children develop the confidence to create a future where they can thrive and feel good about themselves.

प्रश्न 4   The synonym of the word ‘stifled’ given in the passage is -
 (अ) enhanced
 (ब) suppressed
 (स) inspired
 (द) amplified

प्रश्न 5   The antonym of the word ‘curiosity’ given in the passage is -
 (अ) intrusiveness
 (ब) apathy
 (स) prying
 (द) inquisitiveness

प्रश्न 6   Some games prepare the children for:
 (अ) adolescence and adulthood
 (ब) academics
 (स) competition
 (द) good health

Read the following paragraph carefully and answer the following questions
Every individual wants peace of mind. But it is hard to find a person who can say that he has attained such a state of mental equilibrium as will allow him to live a life of tranquillity. Peace of mind is a distant dream for all of us. What is the reason for this? The reason is that people hanker after ideal peace, that is, pure peace-a peace that is free from all kinds of non-peace items.
But this kind of absolute peace is not in nature’s storehouse. Let us take the analogy of the rose. A rose is a very beautiful flower, but every stem has its thorns. Indeed, thorns are an integral part of the rose plant. A poet has rightly said that thorns serve as security guards for the flower. The translation of his Urdu lines is “The safety of the flower would become impossible if the thorns were silk-like.” So flower have to be accompanied by thorns. There must be hard thorns along with soft flowers-that is, there must be non-peace items along with peaceful items. A peaceful mind is a very precious aspect of human nature and it too needs safety to maintain its sublime quality.

प्रश्न 7   The antonym of the word ‘sublime’ is -
 (अ) gallant
 (ब) degraded
 (स) stupendous
 (द) spectacular

प्रश्न 8   Find the word from the passage which means the same as ‘calmness’.
 (अ) distant
 (ब) tranquillity
 (स) hanker
 (द) equilibrium

प्रश्न 9   The security guards for the flowers are -
 (अ) garden
 (ब) other plants
 (स) thorns
 (द) roots

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below – The choice we make on a daily basis – wearing a seatbelt, lifting heavy objects correctly or purposely staying out of any dangerous situation – can either ensure our safety or bring about potentially harmful circumstances. You and i need to make a decision that we are going to get our lives in order. Exercising self-control, self-discipline and establishing boundaries and borders in our lives are some of the most important things we can do. A life without discipline is one that’s filled with carelessness. We can think it’s kind of live life on the edge. We like the image of “Yeah! that’s me! Living on the edge! Woo-hoo!” It’s become a popular way to look at life. But if you see, even highways have lines, which provide margins for our safety while we’re driving. If we go over one side, we’ll go into the ditch. If we cross over the line in the middle, we could get killed. And we like those lines because they help to keep us safe. Sometimes we don’t even realize how lines help to keep us safe.

प्रश्न 10   Synonym of the word ‘carelessness’ is –
 (अ) caution
 (ब) laxness
 (स) vigilance
 (द) heedfulness

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