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Test Series


Directions: In questions given below a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

प्रश्न 1   Knowing the area was prone to earthquakes, all the buildings were reinforced with additional steel and concrete.
 (अ) Since the area was known to be prone to earthquakes
 (ब) Being prone earthquakes
 (स) Since they knew that the area was prone to earthquakes
 (द) Having known that the area was prone to earthquakes

प्रश्न 2   ‘Arms and the Man’ have been written by George Bernard Shaw.
 (अ) is written
 (ब) were written
 (स) has been written
 (द) no improvement

प्रश्न 3   The record for the biggest tiger hunt has not been met since 1911. When Lord Hardinge, the viceroy of India, shot a tiger than measured 11 feet and 6 inches.
 (अ) broken
 (ब) bettered
 (स) improved
 (द) no improvement

प्रश्न 4   When it was feared that serfs might go too far and gain their freedom from serfdom, the protestant leaders joined the princes at crushing them.
 (अ) in crushing
 (ब) into crushing
 (स) without crushing
 (द) no improvement

प्रश्न 5   Which one the following sentence is correct ?
 (अ) Suresh is taller than I am.
 (ब) Suresh is the taller than me.
 (स) Suresh is the tallest than me.
 (द) Suresh is more taller than I am.

प्रश्न 6   Identify the wrong sentence.
 (अ) This fuel burns more cleanly than other fuels.
 (ब) This knife will cut through the skin of a tomato cleanly.
 (स) Cut out the outline as cleanly as possible.
 (द) You always look neat and cleanly even if you are a little out of style.

प्रश्न 7   What is the proper sequence to produce a correct sentence?
if you look into the matter (P)/I am right (Q)/you will see (R)/ from my point of view (S)

 (अ) PRSQ
 (ब) RQPS
 (स) QRPS
 (द) SPRO

प्रश्न 8   Choose the part of the sentence you think is incorrect in the given sentence –
Nehru was one of the greatest statesmen who has led the Non-aligned Movement.

 (अ) Nehru was
 (ब) One of the greatest statesmen
 (स) Who has led
 (द) The Non-aligned Movement

प्रश्न 9   What is the correct sequence of phrases –
this document (P)/ as proof of his guilt (Q)can we take (R) on the table (S)

 (अ) RSPQ
 (ब) PSRQ
 (स) RPSQ
 (द) QPRS

प्रश्न 10   Match the parts of sentences listed in Column with those of the ones given in Column so as to frame appropriately meaningful sentences –
Column (A)
(a) Unless you work hard……
(b) If you were rich ……..
(c) The boy who stood first…….
(d) We reached the station………
Column (B)
(i) ……you would probably spend much.
(ii) …… the prize.
(iii) ……..before the train arrived.
(iv) ……….you will fail.

 (अ) a-(ii), b-(i), c-(iv), d-(iii)
 (ब) a-(iv), b-(i), c-(ii), d-(iii)
 (स) a-(iíi), b-(ii), c-(iv), d-(i)
 (द) a-(ii), b-(iii), c-(iv), d-(0)

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